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Did A Construction Company Contribute To Injury Or Death?

Construction zones are dangerous for construction workers, but also for motorists and bystanders. When accidents occur, the various entities may deny responsibility or point the finger at each other.

Cunningham Law Firm is a resource to personal injury law firms who are seeking to show a causal connection between safety lapses by construction contractors and accidents resulting in serious injury or fatality. Conversely, we can aid in the defense of construction companies and municipalities who are sued for a wrongful death or permanent injury in construction zone accidents.

Four Decades Of Construction Law Expertise

Our founding attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, has focused on construction law since 1981. He has drafted and negotiated hundreds of construction contracts, including multimillion-dollar road construction and public works projects. He has litigated major construction defect cases on both sides of the equation, including representing surety companies. Those 40-plus years of focused experience in the nuances of construction specs and regulatory requirements qualify him as a consultant and expert witness in construction accident liability.

A Case Study
CLF recently served in that capacity in a wrongful death lawsuit brought on behalf of the family of two people who were killed in a highway construction zone in Palm Beach County. Malcolm Cunningham was brought in to determine if any of the parties in the construction and development chain might be held liable for the tragedy. His investigation revealed that the design-build firm had failed to provide 20 miles of promised road barriers to make the construction site safer, among other safety issues. This breach of contract theory was advanced in a way that ultimately resulted in a settlement that never would have been offered but for our construction expertise.

Referrals And Inquiries Welcome On Construction Accident Liability

Cunningham Law Firm is not a personal injury firm, but our deep familiarity with construction law and the construction and surety industries enable us to partner with other firms to support (or challenge) negligence lawsuits arising from construction accidents.

We invite inquiries from other lawyers or accident reconstruction specialists relating to construction site and construction zone accidents. Call our West Palm Beach office at 561-532-4626 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.