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Resolving Conflicts Between Business Partners

Disputes with clients and trade partners can be costly, but many times internal conflicts represent the biggest threat to a business. When business partners have a falling out or minority stakeholders feel they have been cheated, the disputes can quickly escalate.

Cunningham Law Firm provides intervention to resolve partnership and shareholder disputes or strong representation in litigation, including buyouts or dissolution of the business entity. Located in West Palm Beach, we have handled cases throughout South Florida and statewide.

Wide Experience In Business Law And Construction Contracting

Malcolm Cunningham and Amy Fischer are proven litigators with substantial experience in business litigation, including partnership and shareholder disputes. We have represented clients across all sectors of business. In particular, we have represented many construction contractors, material suppliers, architectural firms and other small businesses in the real estate development and construction industries. Many such firms started as family businesses or longtime construction workers who decided to start up their own contracting businesses. As the enterprise grows and changes, conflicts often arise among those family members or longtime friends.

We have handled every scenario, including:

  • Fraud or embezzlement by a business partner
  • Disputes over business succession
  • Personality disputes or differing visions for the future of the company
  • Disputes in professional associations (architecture, physician groups, accounting firms, etc.)
  • Uneven split of profits or proceeds from transactions
  • Minority shareholders who feel they have not been treated fairly

Swift Intervention And Sensible Solutions

Whatever caused the rift, all of the parties have rights and obligations under Florida law. Our lawyers can assess where you stand and what your remedies may be under the partnership, operating or shareholder agreement. We strive to resolve disputes out of court whenever possible to avoid the expense and uncertainty of full-fledged litigation. We commonly negotiate buyouts of one partner or shareholder. In other cases, we have sued for damages when a stakeholder has been unfairly squeezed out or deprived of their appropriate share. Sometimes, the only recourse (or the mutual agreement) is legal action to dissolve the partnership and split up the assets and liabilities.

You can count on CLF to pursue your goals and vigorously protect your legal and financial interests, whether you are a full partner or a minority owner. To contact our law office in West Palm Beach and ask for a consultation with Malcolm or Amy, call 561-532-4626 or reach out by email.