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Experienced Representation For Construction Liens And Payment Disputes

When construction contractors are not paid for work performed on a property, they have the right to file a lien against that property as leverage to collect payment. This is known as a mechanic’s lien or construction lien. If the payment dispute is not settled, the property can be sold against the owner’s will to satisfy the debt.

Cunningham Law Firm offers decades of experience in construction law, including enforcing and defending construction liens. We represent contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals in pursuing mechanic’s liens and other remedies to get paid. We also represent property owners, developers and general contractors who are sued for nonpayment. Our West Palm Beach firm handles construction disputes in South Florida and statewide.

Aggressive But Detail-Oriented Advocacy

Mechanic’s liens are a very complicated area of law. Florida’s construction lien statute is strictly construed and contractors can be punished if they deviate from the letter of the law. Property owners also have specific obligations (and specific rights) under the law.

Our law partners have more than 70 years of combined experience in business and construction litigation, including construction liens. CLF guides clients through the process to obtain payment without exposing them to legal backlash. This includes:

  • Educating clients about their rights
  • Filing the lien with the court within the deadlines
  • Giving proper notice to owners and general contractors
  • Foreclosure proceedings if necessary
  • Release of liens once the debt is paid
  • Challenging and removing construction liens

Why You Need A Construction Lawyer

Liens must be recorded within a specific window and there are liabilities for filing a mechanic’s lien improperly. CLF represented a property owner who was sued by a roofing contractor for nonpayment. When the roofer bypassed procedure in giving notice and recording the lien, we not only defeated the lien but brought a counterclaim for fraud.

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