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Construction Lawyers With Decades Of Experience

Cunningham Law Firm is a trusted resource to the construction industry. Our firm has had a hand in high-profile development projects and high-stakes construction litigation across South Florida and statewide.

Attorneys Malcolm Cunningham and Amy Fischer bring more than 70 years of focused experience in construction law and related litigation. They are committed to deliver quality legal counsel and efficient solutions.

Leaders In Construction Law In South Florida

Construction law has been a cornerstone of our practice since 1985. Our clients include municipalities, contractors and subcontractors, developers and design-build firms, and insurers and surety bond companies. Our full-service construction practice includes:

  • Construction contracts and agreements — We perform due diligence on the front end of construction projects to draft, review and negotiate construction documents. Our legal team is equipped for sophisticated projects, such as negotiating with a well-known builder the design-build contracts for a $60 million water treatment plant.
  • Construction surety bondsCunningham Law Firm represents businesses, municipalities, sureties and construction companies in all facets of surety contracts and disputes.
  • Construction defect litigation — CLF has represented property owners and defended builders in disputes over structural flaws, water intrusion, shoddy workmanship and other construction defects.
  • Construction accident liability — We have served as construction experts in lawsuits against builders for negligence in road construction and other projects that led to injury or death.

Effective And Efficient  Advocacy In Construction Litigation

“I’ve learned the great value of diplomacy and seeking an honorable peace. But part of that wisdom is knowing when to fight and another part is knowing when to fight even harder.”  — Arnold Palmer

Construction is booming in South Florida, fueled by the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. There is money to be made, but labor and material shortages can cause delays or cut into profits. Our trial lawyers have handled every type of construction conflict, from allegations of fraud or nonperformance to failure to adhere to construction specs in 200 miles of sewer system. We have a track record of favorable client outcomes in negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Our mission is to resolve construction disputes swiftly to keep projects in motion, while protecting our client’s bottom line. We are hands-on attorneys who often visit construction sites to better understand the project and the issues in dispute.

Put Our Experience To Work

From drafting and reviewing construction contracts to avoid conflicts to representation in court, clients count on Cunningham Law Firm for solid advice and decisive action. Arrange a consultation by calling our Fort Lauderdale office at 561-532-4626, or contact us online.